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U-47700-Pink produces and tries to meet ISO17025 : 2005 and Guide 34 : 2009 rules.
However , U-47700-Pink is to be as a diagnostic reference standard Mass material is accessible for scholarly research at qualified organizations ; it would be ideal if you contact our business division for estimating Features of U-47700-Pink.
This product , ( Item No . 18596 ) is a scientific reference material sorts it as a narcotic .

For it being access in amid investigation of overdoses, one of which was around with naloxone, and a few revealed fatalities.
The essential metabolite of U – 47700 is N dimethyl U – 47700 (Item No. 20279) . It directs as a Schedule I compound in the United States.
These items are for criminological and investigate applications.

Thus, this product is a certified Reference Material (RM) that has been made and tried to meet ISO17025 and Guide 34 rules. These materials are utilizing the approval of scientific strategies on qualified instrumentation to guarantee discernibility of estimations.
All detectable RMs recognizes the CofAs .
For a delegate CofA please contact our specialized help.

Overdoses From U-47700 (Pink) Increasing In INDIANA 

U-47700 (Pink) is a synthetic opioid originally developed as an alternative pain medication to morphine in the late 1970s. The drug is 7.5 times more potent than morphine, making it similar to hydromorphone (Dilaudid).
Because it is structurally different from morphine, and was never marked or trademarked as a drug in the US, it is legal to buy. Increasing numbers of deaths from U-47700-Pink have been reported in the US, including recent cases in Indiana.

While several states have moved to stop the online sale of this drug, it is still readily available online, and 15-30 grams (sold as either powder or liquid) can be purchased for less than $50.
Users commonly snort or inject U-47700 (Pink).

Overdoses present with symptoms similar to other opioids, like heroin: CNS depression, miosis (small pupils), and respiratory depression.
In addition, tachycardia and pulmonary edema have also been reported in overdose. Because of the potency of U-47700 (Pink), larger doses of naloxone may be needed to reverse symptoms in patients.

Naloxone (Narcan) is an opioid receptor blocker that reverses the sedation and respiratory failure that can occur in opioid overdoses.
In U-47700 (Pink) cases, providers may need an additional one to two doses of naloxone to reverse symptoms, and providers are encouraged to discuss Narcan availability with local partners.

U-47700-Pink is not detected in most hospital urine drug screens.
If detection is required, urine samples can be sent to forensic laboratories such as AIT in Indiana ( or NMS labs in Pennsylvania (

Where does Pink (U-47700) come from? | Where to Buy U-47700-Pink

These substances appear to originate from overseas, and the identity, purity, and quantity of substances in any one product purchased off the street may be unknown.
A user may be told the product contains one substance, while in reality it could contain any dangerous chemical.

But at Chemical Inc, we provide you with a purity of ≥98% purity of the product U-47700-Pink


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Pharmacology of U-47700-Pink

U-47700-Pink is a novel synthetic opioid agonist with selective action at the mu-opioid receptor.

  • The chemical designation is 3,4-dichloro-N-[2-dimethylamino) cyclohenyl]-N-methylbenzamide.
  • It was originally developed by chemists at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in the 1970’s as a potent pain reliever for use in surgery, cancer, or painful injuries.
  • Although it was never commercially made available, the patent and chemical details remained available.
  • U-47700 has a similar chemical profile as morphine and other mu-opioid receptor agonists; however, it has been reported by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) that Pink is “far more potent than morphine” — possibly seven to eight times more potent.
  • The strength of the product can never be assured, and may be much stronger, as it is a designer drug made in illegal labs.
  • Animal studies have shown that the analgesic activity of U-47700-Pink was reduced by naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist.

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