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Modafinil Raw Powder is a “smart drug”, with the FDA approving its use for narcolepsy treatment in 1998. In 2004, its range of approved uses was extend to obstructive sleep apnea and sleeping problems caused by shift work.

Benefits And Effects

This Powder was develope as an anti-narcolepsy drug to help with various sleep disorders.

Promotes Wakefulness And Alertness

Modafinil Raw Powder may improve alertness in shift workers. This Raw Powder decreased sleepiness significantly and improved the CGI rating in 33 patients across 3 different sleep centers over a period of 3 years.

The number of daytime naps and the duration of sleepiness during the day also reduced sharply.

May Improve Memory Retention, Learning and Driving Performance.

A research team found that Modafinil may enhance attention, executive functions and learning. Modafinil has been tested on the driving performance of patients with sleep disorders, and may improve driving performance in patients suffering from sleep disorders

May Be Effective To Treat ADHD

Thus, The Raw Powder was found to be as effective as methylphenidate, while offering equivalent performance to dexamphetamine in adult ADHD treatment.

Modafinil Raw Powder, in children and adolescents, showed improvements in ADHD symptoms and behaviors as observed by parents, teachers and investigators.

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Augmenting Antidepressant Treatment | Buy Modafinil Raw Powder Online

The Raw Powder caused a significant reduction, and augmentation, in fatigue and a full or partial remission in patient depression.

May Suppress Appetite and Reduce Cocaine Addiction

Modafinil Raw Powder affects the dopamine neurotransmitter, affecting the reward centers of the brain involved in appetite. Modafinil patients are more likely to decrease cocaine self-administration.

More research is require to determine the effectiveness of Modafinil to combat cocaine addiction.

How Modafinil Works | Modafinil Raw Powder

Therefore, Researchers using functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) brain imaging highlighted changes in the brain from Modafinil. Modafinil might also increase histamine production and other neurotransmitters that may contribute to wakefulness.

Modafinil may work through the release of glutamate in the hypothalamus. Research shows that Modafinil has a more focused effect on neurotransmitters in the brain.

Dosage | Modafinil Raw Powder

A typical prescribed dosage of Modafinil for narcolepsy is a single, 200mg tablet to be taken in the morning. Two separate doses of 200 mg could significantly improve evening wakefulness. Patients should start with low Modafinil doses.

Modafinil with food delays its impact on peak concentration by two to four hours, yet doesn’t impact it bioavailability. Modafinil’s elimination half-life is about 15 hours.

Side Effects | Modafinil Raw Powder

However, Patients taking Modafinil Raw Powder have experienced mild side effects: headaches, dizziness and nausea. Reports show that only 1% of Modafinil patients complain of side effects. Modafinil can cause a serious rash in patients, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Most cases of Modafinil-induced rashes occurred within 1 to 5 weeks of the start of treatment – isolated cases have been longer. Modafinil dosage should be stop and medical prognosis sought if a rash appears.

is a wakefulness stimulant drug developed in the 1980s. It is prescribe for narcolepsy but is widely use off-label for its stimulating effects and to deal with sleep deficits.

As such, many believe it helps their cognitive performance & productivity. (However, comparing it to the fictional drug NZT in the 2011 movie Limitless is a gross exaggeration.)


I would describe its advantages over other common stimulants as: more powerful and less addictive & tolerating than caffeine or khat; much longer-lasting than nicotine; less likely to alter mood or produce ‘tweaking’ behavior than Adderall or Vyvanse;

and much more legal & with almost no side-effects compared to methamphetamine or cocaine.

On any specific aspect, there may be a stimulant superior to modafinil, but few stimulants come close to modafinil’s overall package of being a long-lasting, safe, effective, non-mood-altering, quasi-legal stimulant, and that is why it has become so popular.

Its development stems from , a wakefulness drug developed back in the late 1970s. It worked reasonably well in animals and humans, and interestingly enough, in a different way from most stimulants.

Buy Modafinil Raw Powder Online

Inside the body, adrafinil is metabolize by the liver into modafinil. So using adrafinil is inferior to using a straight dose of modafinil both because it stresses the liver

(which apparently caused its discontinuation by the usual manufacturer) and because reportedly you need about 3 times more adrafinil to be metabolized into an equivalent dose of modafinil.

Its chief advantages were that all patents on it expired long ago, and it’s very rarely proscribed—so it was relatively cheap & easy to get.

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  1. William bruce

    Amazing powder. Great relaxing but productive high, pleasant feeling .
    5 stars from me guys

  2. Kenny

    This will definitely make you feel like you are in the sky but there certainly will not be much walking. One of my favorite products. Nice smooth, earthly flavor and does not make you cough like some others do. This is something to smoke when you have nothing else to do. The high is complete full body, will order again thanks

  3. Agron

    My mom loves this for her anxiety and Chemical-inc package comes with a free shipping so it’s always ♥️.
    Amazing customer service too everytime I order.
    Thanks guys.

  4. Ferry

    If you can get your hands on real Modafinil Powder you’ll be slappped. Shit will have you dreaming bout unicorns and rainbows real quick

  5. Johnny

    One of my favorites. Super stoney and gives you that perfect body high. Must try

  6. Junior t

    ordered 20grams for me and my friends and chemical-inc never disappoints. These powder will make you feel the best you’ve ever felt. Trust me I know lol.

  7. Lucas

    Bought some grams of these in preparation for a long car ride. The body high was excellent and made the long trip bearable on my back.

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