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Following the information of the isolation of cocaine from the extract of coca leaves in the late 1700s by Albert Neiman, the local properties of the drug have been evaluated.

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Thus the anaesthetic effect of cocaine is believed to have been the result of reversible blockade of the nervous system by the prevention of the sodium ion circulation within the cell membrane.

The are also many undesired effects, however, they are the result of adrenergic stimulation by means of prevention of noradrenaline (norepinephrine) uptake.

To the positive effects of The clinical use of cocaine in the modern era is normally associated primarily with surgical procedures.

This involves the manipulation of mucous membranes and in particularly those of the upper respiratory tract.

Most Recently, based on some problems with the potential for illicit use and adverse effects, alternative regimens have been investigated.

In some settings these have been much more superior to cocaine. Also Further studies comparing various anaesthetic regimens are also warranted.

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